E- Smart Restaurant

E- Smart Restaurant

Expand Happiness…..beyond Boundaries

Smart Restaurant is a unique application developed by EIL for mitigating the pain areas of Restaurant owners after thoroughly studying their processes and requirement. This application will totally eliminate the manual working and Digitalize the entire process. With this application, the waiter will take the order on the table itself digitally and the same will automatically get transmitted to kitchen and the manager so the chances of manual errors will get eliminated. The manager will be in a position to capture attendance, inventory, trend analysis, performance analysis with this application. The end user mobile app will be helpful for customer retention by way of discounts/royalty incentives etc.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates Manual Error

    In Restaurants, there is a common problem with reference to the order placing and rendering service. This is because of the waiter understanding or communication gap between the waiter and the kitchen. With this application, the said errors will be done away, as all the data gets digitized.

  • Brand Building

    With this application being installed and also having mobile app for outside customers the brand of the restaurant get elevated to a different level. This will also enhance the visibility of the restaurant and in the long term will lead to greater customer base and loyalty.

  • Customer Retention

    Restaurants can give incentives in the form of discounts or other give away to customers placing order through mobile app. This will lead to increased customer loyalty and retention towards the restaurants.

  • Improves Profitability

    With this application, the manager gets the trend of consumption of various dishes and they can plan their purchases accordingly. This will in turn reduce wastage and increase profitability of the restaurant.

  • Improves Time Management

    With the installation of this application, all data gets digitized and proper analysis can be done as how to reduce time gap between order placement and delivery. So, with the analysis the turnaround time can be reduced and in turn orders can be managed effectively.

  • Attendance Capturing

    For all the staff members attendance capturing can be done on-line and as such manual attendance register etc can be done away with. This will increase the output of the employee as they will be more careful for timely in-out, from their duty.

  • Report Centre

    The manager will be able to create various MIS reports with the help of this application leading to timely action being taken. Some of the reports that can be downloaded from the system are: Daily collection, Trend analysis, Inventory, Waiter-wise performance etc.

  • Support Centre

    EIL will be providing both on-line and off-line technical support for any queries or issues that may arise. Further, if there is any specific requirement that can also be taken care of and relevant customization can be done to meet the expectation.