E-Smart Team

E-Smart Team

Team Communication….Redefined

Smart Team is one of the signature products of EIL, visualized with a unique concept of making the team to have smooth flow of communication & effectively manage the team at a click of a button. This product will be of immense use for the entities engaged in Maintenance Services, Pick - Up Services, Sales Team etc. With this application, the manager can create teams, assign jobs, locate team members, generate various MIS reports etc. It is a web-based application along with mobile app for the team members for to & fro communication.

Key Features:

  • Team Creation

    This application allows the user to create multiple teams as per the requirement i.e Based on the allocated area, category, specialization etc. Once the team creates relevant employees, specific tasks can be allotted to specific teams based on their requirements.

  • Job Creation/Assignment

    As and when any new job requisition arises, the manager can create the same into the system, allocate the same to the respective team. The team to whom the job has been allocated gets a notification of the same for which they are well aware of the assigned task.

  • Position/ Location Tracking

    The manager can track the location of the team members & can accordingly allocate the job to save travel time. So, by the usage of this application, travel time can be reduced leading to optimum utilization of resources.

  • Performance Analysis

    The organization can track the performance of the team/ individual with the usage of this application as both the job allocation and execution are being captured into the system leading to systematic base for performance analysis and accordingly incentives structure can be devised.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    With all details plugged into the system on real time basis, the end customer also gets the required comfort and it also helps in resolving any dispute that may crop up for delay in servicing or delay in completion of the task etc.

  • Application Protected

    The said application once installed on the mobile phone of the team members by the manager, cannot be deleted or uninstalled without the admin password, leading to proper accountability.

  • Report Centre

    The manager will be able to create various MIS reports with the help of this application leading to timely action being taken. Some of the reports that can be downloaded from the system are: Team-wise Performance, Exceptional Delays, Pending Requisitions, Customer database etc.

  • Support Centre

    EIL will be providing both on-line and off-line technical support for any queries or issues that may arise. Further, if there is any specific requirement that can also be taken care of and relevant customization can be done to meet the expectation.