E-Smart Track

E-Smart Track

Track your Vehicle…On the Move

Smart Track is developed keeping in-view the requirements of Transporters, Cab Operators, Fleet Owners, Bus Operators etc. It gives all the relevant users, the means of tracking their vehicle; know the speed and status of fuel, Geo-fencing etc. Software solution is integrated with multiple maps like Microsoft’s Bing map and Google maps, where the user can easily track vehicle’s location. Smart Track offers number of reports which gives detailed information about Vehicle’s last Travel details, Route details, Milestone achieved and complete information of driver along with license details and other reports. System will generate alerts in a form of SMS, E-mail and push notification.

Key Features:

  • Live Tracking

    The fleet owner can locate the current position of all their vehicles on a single map with status. This will be very helpful for further planning as they will be able to know the tentative timelines for the vehicle to reach their destination and accordingly plan the next trip.

  • Route and Milestone

    Transporter can define the route and milestone for the vehicle with Expected Time of Arrival. This will create a moral check on the driver and if he fails, alerts will get generated and he has to provide explanation for the same.

  • Fuel Monitoring

    Fuel Tampering is one of the greatest pain area in Transportation business. With the use of Smart Track you can do Real Time monitoring of fuel consumption i.e. through distance covered vis-à-vis fuel consumed. So it creates a mean by which you can monitor the consumption distantly.

  • Device Tempering

    The equipment can be fitted with sensors so that in case anyone tries to tamper the device then its send a tampering alerts to concern designated person. This way we can ensure complete security of the device and the related data/ reports.

  • Geo-Fencing

    With this application we can do geo-fencing of the vehicle so that you can monitor the vehicle not moving out of the designated area. This feature is very important from the point of view of safety and security based on type of user. In case the vehicle goes out of the geo-fenced area automatic alerts will be generated for each in-out.

  • Deviation Report

    Definite route can be set for any particular vehicle and in case the driver deviates from the same then auto alerts are generated. This is important from the point of view of school buses, cash carrying vehicles etc where following a particular route is mandatory.

  • Speed Limit

    Limiting the speed is very important feature particularly in case of School Buses, Trucks carrying hazardous / fragile material. So, in order to control/ monitor the driver this feature is of utmost importance as alerts get generated if the vehicle crosses set limit and accordingly corrective measures may be taken.

  • Real Time Alert Generation

    The system can generate alerts in the form of either SMS, notifications or Mails depending upon the users choice. The real time alert generation will help the user to take appropriate action as and when required.