Restaurant Product

e-smart track

With this application being installed and also having mobile app for outside customers the brand of the restaurant get elevated to a different level. This will also enhance the visibility of the restaurant and in the long term will lead to greater customer base and loyalty.


With the installation of this application, all data gets digitized and proper analysis can be done as how to reduce time gap between order placement and delivery. So, with the analysis the turnaround time can be reduced and in turn orders can be managed effectively.


Restaurants can give incentives in the form of discounts or other give away to customers placing order through mobile app. This will lead to increased customer loyalty and retention towards the restaurants.


The manager will be able to create various MIS reports with the help of this application leading to timely action being taken. Some of the reports that can be downloaded from the system are: Daily collection, Trend analysis, Inventory, Waiter-wise performance etc.

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